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Unlock your PSP in 3 minutes!

no modchips or Pandora batteries needed!  Read more!

Unlock Secret Hidden Features on PSP

Your PSP is capable of doing a lot more that just playing games!

Did you know you can turn your PSP into a web browser….. read e-books and comics on your PSP….. use non duo memory cards or any memory stick… ?

So why not go ahead and unlock your PSP’s full features now.

That is just some of the info you can easily learn below.. plus how to make your own repairs to your PSP without having to splash out the cash… from broken screens to error codes, it’s there for the taking!

Unlock PSP Free – WARNING!

You may have seen useless websites offering to tell you how to unlock psp for free in return for completing their surveys…. DON’T be fooled….We tried this site and after spending far more time than they say filling out all your personal deatils and completing the surveys all we got was SPAMED with offers and useless emails! By the way be careful when using other methods to unlock psp as some of the software and apps you can download to unlock psp contains harmful malware and could contain virus that will brick up your PSP as well as infect your computer!

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How to unlock PSP – No mod chip

How to unlock psp with no mod chip and no need to use a pandora battery.

I’ll assume as you are here you want to know exactly how to unlock your PSP. Well congratulations you are smart and you have come to the right place. I am going to reveal to you the method  I used to unlock psp in a few easy steps and my little bro does it for his mates using this method so you can be sure the method I am going to show you to unlock psp is easy and fast and 100% reliable. There’s no risk of bricking up your psp or causing serious damage like a hard mod chip can do and you don’even have to use a pandora battery to be holding your psp unlocked in your hands in a few minutes.

Like me when I was looking for a method to unlock psp you have probably seen countless methods in the forums and on Google to unlock the sony psp. Unfortunately some of them are too risky and void the warranty as well as possibly freezing up your psp for good. I have even seen one company on google offering to give you the information completely free to unlock psp if you take part in their survey. Yet again its a load of rubbish, I tried it and I can only guess they just want ypou to complete the survey because they get paid from some CPA network when you do, but They do NOT send you the information you need and want.

All you need are some simple files ( they must be from a trusted source or you may risk bricking up your PSP ) you simply upload these files to you psp follow some easy instructions and in a few steps your psp will be unlocked. Now there are a few websites where you can get this software to unlock psp but I only recommend this one because I know its safe, I know its easy and most of all…….IT WORKS!


So once you have taken the time to unlock your psp..

you can now download games, apps, movies, music, skins and a whole lot more for your unlocked psp. Just one thing the method I recommend here works on firmware version 5.03 and below. If you are running a higher firmware this other site might help click here.

As I said earlier for psp firmware versions 5.03 and lower all you need to unlock the psp is some simple software files. That’s it! You just put the files right on your psp and it does all the work for you. Now the only problem with downloading files to your computer and then uploading the to your psp is that they could contain a virus, spyware or other malware that could firstly infect your computer without you knowing it at first and then also infect your psp when you upload the file to it. So my recommendation to you and the method I personally use to unlock mine and my friends psp’s is from this site. There files are guaranteed safe and I have found that they work easily and give you all the benefits below of an unlocked psp.

  • Play Backups and Copied Games
  • Play Homebrew Apps.
  • Play SNES, NES, Sega Genesis Games, and games from other consoles.
  • Play All on Locked Games, this means you can finally play Any imported Games You Or Your Friends Already Have Or Download.
  • Playbrew Station – You Get The Playbre Station Lifetime Membership Which Means You Get All Futrure Updates And Upgrades Free.
  • Unlock Safely with NO Hardware Modifications or Mod Chips Needed.

Click Here To Go To The Official Website Now.

Unlocking Sony PSP – is it leagal?

It is completely legal and ok to unlock psp using the methods I show you.

I don’t advokate breaking the law in any way shape or form. This is completely  legal 100%.

It easy to do once you have the software, you can be holding your psp in your hands unlocked and ready to recieve thousands of free games and apps in 10 minutes from now.

Why Sony dont want you to unlock your PSP

Of course Sony would prefer you didn’t have this information because they want you to continue buying all your PSP games and DVD’s from them, and as you know they dont’ come cheap, it is huge business for Sony. With the cost of a new UMD game anywhere around $50 ( for less than that I am showing you how to unlock your psp and download all the free games, music, DVD’s and more that you want!) so yiou can see why Sony would prefer you didn’t know how to unlock psp but there is nothing un-ethical or illegal about doing it.

Click here to go to the official website and get the info to unlock your psp now.

Unlock PSP – In a few simple steps

In this post I’m going to tell you the best way to unlock psp and also do your own psp repairs with voiding the warranty in any way or risking bricking it up… go here.

Unlocking the PSP is as easy as 1,2,3

If you’re anything like me you love your psp but hate paying the high price of the UMD game discs because I always end up breaking them. The main reason I decided to Unlock my psp. Although I keep my UMD disks in a case, some-how they often seem to die. I have some where the clear plastic cover pushes onto the disk and stop it spinning correctly and others that just skip and show disk error. I soon realized that after you unlock psp not only can you copy games and back-up games but you also download a whole lot more applications and even play games from other consoles. If you like some of the ‘retro’ games from Super Nes, Sega Genisis and more then you will love what you can do after you learn how to unlock the PSP.

I have mentioned more of the benefits of having a homebrew psp in a previous post and also mentioned the problem with chip mods and even using the pandora battery voids the warranty.

The method of unlocking the psp that I am going to recommend to you works on any psp running firmware 5.03 or lower, including the psp slim. It is the method I used personally to unlock mine and my friends play station portable and it’s the only way I would suggest you unlock psp. The software is available in full from Playbrew Station. Unlock psp with eassy to follow video instructions. It only takes a few minutes and you will be amazed at what you can do with you unlocked psp.

Click Here to go to the official Website To Get the Information You Need

The Truth about Mod Chips

If you are considering buying a Mod chip for your PSP you should bear in mind the following.

A mod chip certainly is not an easy task if you are not savvy with electronics and to install the chip you will have to open up the PSP, once you have opened it up whatever happens from then on you warranty is void. There is a chance when installing the mod chip that other components will get damaged and if that happens the PSP just freezes up or shows errors once the mod is complete. What you have then is broken PSP that you cant fix and you can’t send it to Sony for repair or replacement either. Your only option from this point is to BUY A NEW PSP!

If you decide to pay for someone else to install a mod chip for you, the same possibility arises PLUS you just paid $50-100 for the privilege!

Nowadays there is really no point in going to the trouble and expense of a Mod Chip when all you need is a few simple files uploaded to your psp to unlock it. Back when the psp first gen came out it was the only option but now it easy to unlock psp.

What can you do with an unlocked PSP?

I thought I would make a quick post to answer this question for those of you who do not already know. Or if you are still not sure if you want to unlock your psp because maybe you dont know the benefits.

  • You will be able to use a huge array of Homebrew games and applications. There are hundreds and thousands of Homebrew games and apps which are available for download.
  • You can copy games and and play them on your psp. You can copy and backup your own games so that you can still play them in the event that the UMD disk no longer works, better still you can copy any game which means in theory you never need to buy another game again, with the crazy price of new games this alone is the reason most people want to ulcock their psp.
  • You can play region locked games. Just as with DVD’s some psp games are locked to one country region only, after you unlock your psp you can play games imported from any country.
  • When you have an unlocked psp you can also play emulated games from other consoles. These include Nintendo games, N64 and super Nes, Sega Genisis and others.

So by this you can see that the benefits to unlocking your psp are many and it really is a good idea so long as you don’t risk voiding your warranty or locking up the psp with mod chips.


Unlock PSP

There are several methods to unlock psp on the internet. If you search the forums or Google and Youtube you will come across a few methods which include using a pandora battery or installing a mod chip or using a magic memory stick. If you don’t want to risk opening up your psp and installing a mod chip and you don’t want to risk paying and letting someone else do it for you, and of course you don’t want to void the warranty on your psp then you are left with the other options.

You can buy a pandora battery and magic memory stick or the last option and this my personal choice: use a guide ( which I will be giving you a full review of here soon so check back for updates ) which shows you how to download a few simple files which will unlock your psp in a few minutes without voiding the warranty, without any need for a mod chip, pandora battery or magic memory stick.

All you need to unlock a psp is some simple software and files that you upload to your psp.

And then once your PSP is unlocked you can play backup, import, homebrew apps and even games from other consoles.