How to unlock psp with no mod chip and no need to use a pandora battery.

I’ll assume as you are here you want to know exactly how to unlock your PSP. Well congratulations you are smart and you have come to the right place. I am going to reveal to you the method  I used to unlock psp in a few easy steps and my little bro does it for his mates using this method so you can be sure the method I am going to show you to unlock psp is easy and fast and 100% reliable. There’s no risk of bricking up your psp or causing serious damage like a hard mod chip can do and you don’even have to use a pandora battery to be holding your psp unlocked in your hands in a few minutes.

Like me when I was looking for a method to unlock psp you have probably seen countless methods in the forums and on Google to unlock the sony psp. Unfortunately some of them are too risky and void the warranty as well as possibly freezing up your psp for good. I have even seen one company on google offering to give you the information completely free to unlock psp if you take part in their survey. Yet again its a load of rubbish, I tried it and I can only guess they just want ypou to complete the survey because they get paid from some CPA network when you do, but They do NOT send you the information you need and want.

All you need are some simple files ( they must be from a trusted source or you may risk bricking up your PSP ) you simply upload these files to you psp follow some easy instructions and in a few steps your psp will be unlocked. Now there are a few websites where you can get this software to unlock psp but I only recommend this one because I know its safe, I know its easy and most of all…….IT WORKS!


So once you have taken the time to unlock your psp..

you can now download games, apps, movies, music, skins and a whole lot more for your unlocked psp. Just one thing the method I recommend here works on firmware version 5.03 and below. If you are running a higher firmware this other site might help click here.

As I said earlier for psp firmware versions 5.03 and lower all you need to unlock the psp is some simple software files. That’s it! You just put the files right on your psp and it does all the work for you. Now the only problem with downloading files to your computer and then uploading the to your psp is that they could contain a virus, spyware or other malware that could firstly infect your computer without you knowing it at first and then also infect your psp when you upload the file to it. So my recommendation to you and the method I personally use to unlock mine and my friends psp’s is from this site. There files are guaranteed safe and I have found that they work easily and give you all the benefits below of an unlocked psp.

  • Play Backups and Copied Games
  • Play Homebrew Apps.
  • Play SNES, NES, Sega Genesis Games, and games from other consoles.
  • Play All on Locked Games, this means you can finally play Any imported Games You Or Your Friends Already Have Or Download.
  • Playbrew Station – You Get The Playbre Station Lifetime Membership Which Means You Get All Futrure Updates And Upgrades Free.
  • Unlock Safely with NO Hardware Modifications or Mod Chips Needed.

Click Here To Go To The Official Website Now.

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