If you are considering buying a Mod chip for your PSP you should bear in mind the following.

A mod chip certainly is not an easy task if you are not savvy with electronics and to install the chip you will have to open up the PSP, once you have opened it up whatever happens from then on you warranty is void. There is a chance when installing the mod chip that other components will get damaged and if that happens the PSP just freezes up or shows errors once the mod is complete. What you have then is broken PSP that you cant fix and you can’t send it to Sony for repair or replacement either. Your only option from this point is to BUY A NEW PSP!

If you decide to pay for someone else to install a mod chip for you, the same possibility arises PLUS you just paid $50-100 for the privilege!

Nowadays there is really no point in going to the trouble and expense of a Mod Chip when all you need is a few simple files uploaded to your psp to unlock it. Back when the psp first gen came out it was the only option but now it easy to unlock psp.

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