There are several methods to unlock psp on the internet. If you search the forums or Google and Youtube you will come across a few methods which include using a pandora battery or installing a mod chip or using a magic memory stick. If you don’t want to risk opening up your psp and installing a mod chip and you don’t want to risk paying and letting someone else do it for you, and of course you don’t want to void the warranty on your psp then you are left with the other options.

You can buy a pandora battery and magic memory stick or the last option and this my personal choice: use a guide ( which I will be giving you a full review of here soon so check back for updates ) which shows you how to download a few simple files which will unlock your psp in a few minutes without voiding the warranty, without any need for a mod chip, pandora battery or magic memory stick.

All you need to unlock a psp is some simple software and files that you upload to your psp.

And then once your PSP is unlocked you can play backup, import, homebrew apps and even games from other consoles.

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