It is completely legal and ok to unlock psp using the methods I show you.

I don’t advokate breaking the law in any way shape or form. This is completely  legal 100%.

It easy to do once you have the software, you can be holding your psp in your hands unlocked and ready to recieve thousands of free games and apps in 10 minutes from now.

Why Sony dont want you to unlock your PSP

Of course Sony would prefer you didn’t have this information because they want you to continue buying all your PSP games and DVD’s from them, and as you know they dont’ come cheap, it is huge business for Sony. With the cost of a new UMD game anywhere around $50 ( for less than that I am showing you how to unlock your psp and download all the free games, music, DVD’s and more that you want!) so yiou can see why Sony would prefer you didn’t know how to unlock psp but there is nothing un-ethical or illegal about doing it.

Click here to go to the official website and get the info to unlock your psp now.

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