I thought I would make a quick post to answer this question for those of you who do not already know. Or if you are still not sure if you want to unlock your psp because maybe you dont know the benefits.

  • You will be able to use a huge array of Homebrew games and applications. There are hundreds and thousands of Homebrew games and apps which are available for download.
  • You can copy games and and play them on your psp. You can copy and backup your own games so that you can still play them in the event that the UMD disk no longer works, better still you can copy any game which means in theory you never need to buy another game again, with the crazy price of new games this alone is the reason most people want to ulcock their psp.
  • You can play region locked games. Just as with DVD’s some psp games are locked to one country region only, after you unlock your psp you can play games imported from any country.
  • When you have an unlocked psp you can also play emulated games from other consoles. These include Nintendo games, N64 and super Nes, Sega Genisis and others.

So by this you can see that the benefits to unlocking your psp are many and it really is a good idea so long as you don’t risk voiding your warranty or locking up the psp with mod chips.


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